Registration Notice of Chinese Bridge • 2017


Registration Notice of Chinese Bridge • 2017 Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreigners Across the Globe


The Chinese Bridge · 2017 Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreigners Across the Globe will be cosponsored by the Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) and China Central Television and undertaken by the Chinese International Channel of China Central Television (CCTV-4).

After nine seasons, the Chinese Bridge · 2017 Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreigners Across the Globe has become a large cultural competition program which will be delivered by Chinese International Channel of China Central Television (CCTV-4)during the prime time thissummer to the global audience. This season, the competition will continue to enlarge the scope of target participants on the basis of the prior seasons and attract foreigners who loving Chinese from across the world, regardless of age and occupation, to register the competition. For this purpose, this year’s competition will further diversify forms and contents of the competition and make the elements more interesting. Moreover, the competition will set a broad range of links, including online registration, mass election, multimedia presentation of participants’ calibers and profiles, and “Chinese Talent” online competition; intermediary competition, final of the “Group Competition” and “Individual Competition” recorded by the television channel; and the grand “General Award Ceremony" celebration. With these links, the competition will allow all teams and contestants registering the event to achieve the senses of participation, honors and awards with their “strengths” and feel the cultural charm of “Learning Chinese, Understanding China” through the competition and learning at the Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreigners Across the Globe this year.

The followings are the rules of registration and organization of the competition:


I. Registration

1. Registration time: June 6 – June 25, 2017

2. Registration channel: Log on the official website of the Chinese Bridge • 2017 Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreigners Across the Globe: www.hqhy.tv.

3. Registration contents: Fill the registration form, submit a personal video file of 3 minutes (the video content is to present the “Chinese Talent” of the contestant, including singing, dancing, poem, traditional Chinese opera, instrumental music, Chinese folk art, Chinese marital art, craftwork and other “talent” expertise).

4. Registration condition: Foreigners whose mother languages are not Chinese, regardless of age (an applicant aged below 18 shall be attended by his or her guardian) and regardless of occupation. Any person without Chinese nationality can register the competition, if he or she loves Chinese, talks and communicates in Chinese, understands the Chinese culture, and loves Chinese arts and skills.


II. Form of Participation

The ChineseBridge • 2017 Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreigners Across the Globe includes the “Group Competition” and the “Individual Competition”. Followings are concrete ways to sign up:

1. The “Group Competition” shall be registered in the name of an organizing entity (such as XXX School, XXX Institute, Organization, Company or Enterprise). Every team shall contain three contestants, and the organizing entity shall complete the preliminary selection and organize uniform registration.

2. To sign up for the “Individual Competition”, any applicant, regardless of country, region or institution, can log on the official website of the “Chinese Bridge • 2017 Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreigners Across the Globe” to register.

3. Any applicant signing up for the “Group Competition” and the “Individual Competition” shall satisfy the “Registration condition” set forth by item I of this Notice and submit the “registration content” required.

4. If the school, institution or organization has organized the registration of the “Group Competition”, it can simultaneously convene and organize applicants to sign up for the “Individual Competition”.


III. Grouping Method and Date of “Group Competition”

1. Universities within the territory of China and Confucius Institutes in foreign countries can select three contestants with the greatest comprehensive strengths from respective university or institution on their own, build a team and sign up for the competition.

2. An institution, company, enterprise or social organization can organize one team to participate in the “Group Competition”. Contestants shall meet the registration condition, and relevant organizing entity shall guarantee personal reputations and qualifications of contestants, and select three contestants to build one team and participate in the competition, as instructed by the staff of the Preliminary Competition Organizing Committee of the Competition.

3. The entrant teams for the "Group Competition" will undergo evaluation and selection conducted by the Preliminary Competition Organizing Committee of the Competition, and the shortlist produced thereby will be published on the official website.

4. Schools, universities and organizations shall organize teams and participate in the “Group Competition” in respective name, names of participating teams will be presented on the competition site, broadcast subtitle and oral broadcast. The participating teams can print their names on the apparels uniformly designated for the competition.

5. Contestants of a team winning an award at the “Group Competition" will be directly qualified for the “Individual Competition”. The awards include 1 Gold Award (3 persons), 2 Silver Awards (6 persons) and 3 Bronze Awards (9 persons).

6. Videos will be recorded for the “Group Competition” from July 12 to July 21, 2017, and the entire competition will take a total of eight days.


IV. Individual Competition

1. To sign up for the “Individual Competition”, an applicant shall log on the official website of the competition, fill the registration form pursuant to relevant requirement and submit a 3-minute personal video.

2. The Competition welcomes people from different circles at home and abroad to actively recommend contestants, and the staff of the Competition will be available for contact by email or phone to provide the recommendation method. The Competition will award referrals (based on promotion levels of contestants recommended).

3. After signing up for the “Individual Competition”, a contestant will first participate in the online preliminary competition for “mass election” of the Competition, including basic written examination and interview. After the preliminary competition scheduled to take place on June 26-28, the Organizing Committee of the Competition will announce the list of promoted contestants on the official website.

4. If a contestant fails to win the qualification for the “Individual Competition”, the 3-minute “Chinese Talent” video file the contestant has provided will uniformly participate in the video exhibition and rating of the “Chinese Talent Online Competition”, which will cover all contestants signing up for the Competition. Award winners will be promoted to the “Individual Competition” with the same qualification and granted awards at the award ceremony of the Competition. (Note: the score of awards will not be recorded repeatedly for the contestants promoted to the “Individual Competition” who only enjoy the honor)

5. The TV program of the “Individual Competition” will be recorded during July 23-August 1, 2017. The entire competition will last eight days, and contestants shall assure the participation in the Competition and video recording time.

6. The “Individual Competition” will set 1 Gold Award, 2 Silver Awards and 3 Bronze Awards. Award winners shall actively receive the invitation of Chinese International Channel of China Central Television (CCTV-4) to produce other programs.



Individuals and media are welcomed to transmit and publish the aforesaid notice.



Chinese Bridge · 2017 Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreigners

Official Website: www.hqhy.tv

Wechat Public Account: Global Chinese

Tel: 86-10-58477507/86-10-57267396/86-10-57267379

Mobile Phone Number of Contact Person:

Zhuang Zhongxing: +86-10-18911535551

Wang Shiyin: +86-10-15270530077

Huang Ali: +86-10-15618757308

Gao Rui: +86-10-18701396849




Chinese Bridge · 2017 Chinese Proficiency Competition

for Foreigners Across the Globe

                                    June 15, 2017


Summer Camp 2017


Szanowni Państwo,
poszukujemy chętnych do lipcowego wyjazdu na Summer Camp. Najważniejsze wymagania to przedział wiekowy 15-30 lat i znajomość podstaw j.chińskiego (40 godzin języka).
Więcej szczegółów w zakładce: Summer Cam 2017 
osoby zainteresowane proszone są o kontakt z sekretariatem pod nr tel 71 788 92 45 lub pod adresem mailowym: sekretriat.ik@uwr.edu.pl
na Państwa zgłoszenia czekamy do piątku do godz. 15.00

The First "Panda Cup" Primary School Students' Chinese Knowledge & Chinese Culture Contest


The First "Panda Cup" Primary School Students' Chinese Knowledge & Chinese Culture Contest


Chinese Bridge - Gdańsk 25.05.2017 r.


25 maja 2017r. w Instytucie Konfucjusza przy Uniwersytecie Gdańskim odbyła się runda preeliminacyjna 16tego konkursu Most do języka chińskiego - 汉语桥 .

Miło nam poinformować, że Pani Marta Mońko studentka II roku specalizacji chińskiej została zakwalifikowana do rundy finałowej Chinese Bridge zajmując II miejsce. Finał konkursu odbędzie się w Chinach. 

Instytut Konfucjusza w Uniwersytecie Wrocławskim reprezentowały trzy studentki Specjalizacji chińskiej: Pani Marta Mońko (II rok), Pani Wiktoria Migdał i Pani Paula Pokora z III roku.

Pierwszy konkurs odbył się w 2002 roku i co roku w samej rundzie półfinałowej bierze udział ponad 1000 osób, a w rundach preeliminacyjnych prawie pół miliona uczestników z 80 krajów świata. Głównym organizatorem konkursu jest Hanban (Biuro Międzynarodowej Promocji Języka Chińskiego), który jest również instytucją odpowiedzialną za ustanawianie Instytutów Konfucjusza na całym świecie.

W konkursie mogą brać udział studenci, których językiem ojczystym nie jest język chiński. Zwycięzca rundy preeliminacyjnej w swoim kraju awansuje do półfinałów i ewentualnie później do finału organizowanego w Chinach. Podczas konkursu sprawdzana jest znajomość języka chińskiego, wiedza o Chinach oraz umiejętności związane z chińską kulturą. Nagrodą główną w konkursie jest grant stypendialny Instytutu Konfucjusza na studia w Chinach kontynentalnych.

Konkurs ten ma na celu promocję języka chińskiego oraz zachęcenie młodzieży do studiowania w Chinach.


Serdecznie gratulujemy wszystkim uczestnikom konkursu!





Wakacyjny kurs języka chińskiego.


Zapraszamy na dwutygodniowy kurs wkacyjny języka chińskiego.

Poziom zaawansowania: podstawowy

Język wykładowy: angielski i chiński

Termin: 26.06 - 07.07.2017 r.

Zajęcia będą odbywać się codziennie od poniedziałku do piątku (oprócz weekendów) od godz. 18.00 - 19.30

Miejsce: Instytut Konfucjusza w Uniwersytecie Wrocławskim ul. Księcia Witolda 47 Wrocław

Cena: 250,00 zł 

Podczas kursu poznają Państwo zasady wymowy oraz podstawowe zwroty w języku chińskim.



Rejestracja na egzamin HSK -11 czerwca 2017


Szanowni Państwo, termin rejestracji na czerwcowy egzamin HSK został przedłużony do dnia 16 maja do godz. 16.00.

Rejestrować nalezy się osobiście na stronie http://www.chinesetest.cn/index.do



Biblioteka Instytutu


W dniach 15-19 maja 2017 Biblioteka Instytutu będzie nieczynna.


Certyfikaty HSK i HSKK z dnia 19.03.2017


Certyfikaty z egzaminów HSK i HSKK z dnia 19.03.2017 dostepne w Sekretariacie Instytutu.


WYKŁAD: Sprzeczności społeczno-polityczne współczesnych Chin - 26.04.2017


W imieniu Pracowni Badań Praw Orientalnych zapraszamy na wykład "Sprzeczności społeczno-polityczne współczesnych Chin" - prowadzenie dr Wojciech Wiejacki - 26.04.2017. Wydział Prawa Administracji i Ekonomii budynek A sala 218.



Święta Wielkanocne


Pełnych radości i pokoju Świąt Wielkiej Nocy oraz wiele pomyślności i sukcesów życzą pracownicy Instytutu Konfucjusza.



Uniwersytet Wrocławski Xiamen University Hanban Institute


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