Organizacja egzaminu HSKK - 3.12.2017


汉语水平考试口试通知 (Notice on HSKK test)!!!

Dear HSKK test takers, due to the limitation of test seats, we are very sorry to inform you that the HSKK (speaking) test in the afternoon has to be carried out in groups at different times. We hope all test takers will enter the waiting room (lobby of the Institute) in accordance with the designated time and that, if anyone is not due to enter, he or she shall wait outside the door. Thank you for your cooperation!


HSKK Preliminary Test will start at 16:30. in Test room #1 and Test room #4 Below are the times for each group of test takers in the order of registration numbers:

16:30 -- 17:30: H71706710020000001 -- H71702710020000008

17:30-- 18:30: H71706710020000009 -- H71702710020000016


HSKK Medium Test will start at 16:30, in Test room #2.

16:30 -- 17:30: H81706710020000001 -- H81706710020000005

17:30 -- 18:30: H81706710020000005 – H81706710020000011

18:30 -- 19:00: H81706710020000012– H81706710020000013


HSKK Advanced Test will start at 16:30, in Test room #3.

16:30-17:00: H91706710020000001

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