Dear HSK and HSKK Test-takers,
The Chinese Test Center of Confucius Institute in University of Wroclaw welcomes you to take the HSK and/or HSKK test on 12 February, 2017. We're now writing to inform you of the following important changes to the arrangement of tests:
I. The tests of HSK 1, 3 and 5 in the afternoon will start ONE hour before the schedule, at 12:30 PM, after that, we'll have the HSKK tests. Please, if you have any test in the afternoon, ignore the time on your admission ticket, which is set by the system automatically, but NOT accepted by the test center.
II. The HSKK speaking test will be taken in groups after HSK 1/3/5 tests are over.  HSKK Preliminary tests start at 14:00 PM. 
III. The first group (numbers 1 to 8) of HSKK Preliminary test takers must show up at the test center before 14:00 PM. The second group of HSKK Preliminary test takers (numbers 9 to 18) must show up at the test center before 14:30. The other HSKK Preliminary and Medium test takers (numbers 19 to 38, and numbers 1 to 4) must show up at the test center before 16:30. 
IV. Anybody, who intends to take the HSKK test at a time other than the above designated time for whatever, must report and explain to the test center at least 24 hours in advance.
V. After you receive this email, please be sure to write back to: wroclawci@gmail.com to confirm, with your name, test level and registration number. You may also write to this email to ask any questions.
VI. Those test takers without a photo on their admission tickets must bring TWO photos printed at a fotograph shop on the date of test. Be sure to write the name, the last two digits of your registration number, and test level on the back of the photos before giving them to the invigilators.
VII. The test center would like you to complete a questionaire regarding Chinese tests. Please visit either of the following websites on your computer or mobile phone to answer the questions:
Your cooperation is highly appreciated,
The Chinese Test Center
Confucius Institute
University of Wroclaw
Uniwersytet Wrocławski Xiamen University Hanban Institute


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