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W dniu 01.09.2015 Instytut Konfucjusza czynny do godz. 13.00 


Dolnośląski Festiwal Nauki 2015


Osiemnasta edycja Dolnosląskiego Festiwalu Nauki będzie jak zawsze obfitować w interesujące zajęcia, spotkania i wykłady. Organizatorzy zadbali również o liczne atrakcje kulturalne, artystyczne i naukowe.

Tradycyjnie zapraszamy do uczestnictwa w warsztatach i wykładach zorganizowanych przez nasz Instytut.

Szczególy znajdą Państwo w zakładce:

Dolnośląski Festiwal Nauki 2015




Przerwa w pracy sekretariatu


Szanowni Państwo w dniach od 6.08 do 19.08.2015 sekretariat będzie nieczynny.



Certyfikaty z egzaminu HSK (14.06.2015)


Certyfikaty z czerwcowego egzaminu HSK są do odebrania w sekretariacie Instytutu.



Certyfikaty z egzaminu YCT 30.05.2015


Certyfikaty z egzaminu YCT z dnia 30 maja 2015r. są do odebrania w sekretariacie Instytutu.

Zapraszamy po odbiór.


14 Festiwal Sztuki Azji "Just Share it" - konkurs


Zapaszamy do nadsyłania swoich prac na konkurs ogłoszony w ramach 14 Festiwalu Sztki Azji.

Poniżej szczegóły:

Share Asian arts and win a free tour to China!

Does Asian art capture your eye? Do you find yourself intrigued by Asian culture? Join us for the 14th Asia Arts Festival "Just Share it" contest! The Ministry of Culture now invites contestants from across the globe to participate in a photography and video contest centered on exploring the beauty of Asian arts and culture. Anyone with an interest in Asian culture and arts is invited to share "Asia's beauty" on social media sites to enter the contest. The contest lasts about four months, starting from early July to October 10th. The top three winners will be able to attend the opening ceremony of the 14th Asia Arts Festival, and will also receive a round trip ticket to Quanzhou and an insider's tour of a city that has a rich history as the starting point of the Silk Road.



The event is open to anyone with an interest in Asian culture. There is no bar on any nationality.



Photographs and videos are all welcome, with the theme of  "Beauty of Asian Arts and Culture."  All works must be original. Plagiarism or violation of third-party rights will result in disqualification.

All works must come with a detailed explanation of the piece. All works in any language are welcome, but  if the work is in neither English nor Chinese, entrants must ensure there's a translated version in one of the two languages.


1. Single width, open group, or photo stitching, no limit in coloration

2.  Photo story: Documentary photo series with visually attractive pictures (10 max)

3.  Art photography: Single width/ open group with well-developed themes (6 max)

4.  Picture format: Images must be in digital format as JPG; 1800-3000 pixels of length; 300 dpi in resolution. Size should not exceed 5MB.


1. Video length must not exceed 5 minutes

2. Video must be in documentary form.

3. Music must be appropriate and special effects should be moderate and  logical

4. Acceptable forms: MPG, MPG-2, WMV, FLV, MP4 (please make sure that video images are clear for viewing purposes)



Submission deadline: Through Oct 10 

Judging period: Oct 11-21 (casting of votes by expert judges and netizens)

Award announcement: late Oct. The award-winning photos and videos will be showed at the Asian Art Festival.



Please send your work or links to video-sharing websites, such as YouTube, to contest@chinadaily.com.cn

You can also post your work on China Daily's BBS online forum

Or you can submit your work to Chinaculture.org's Facebook page


Voting Breakdown

At the festival, Chinese and foreign cultural scholars, Chinese Photography Association experts and China Daily foreign experts will evaluate each individual piece. Their evaluation/vote accounts for 60 percent of the final score with the online poll counting for 40 percent. 


Awards and Prizes

The top three winners will be provided with:

1. Roundtrip airplane ticket to Quanzhou, Fujian province, China.

2.  Lodging expenses

3.  VIP invitation letter for the opening ceremony of the 14th Asia Arts Festival

4.  Ticket for a series of activities of the 14th Asia Arts Festival

5.  More information:

1) If the winner does not arrive on a prearranged flight, any direct route or exchange of flight will be paid for by the winner themself.

2) Foreign winners will have to handle visa formalities by themselves. If needed, the organizers will provide assistance.

3) Any outside expenses (shopping, travel insurance, etc) will be handled by the winner themself.

4) When the winner is announced, there will be 10 days to reply and claim the prize and provide some individual information. If a reply is not received or information is inaccurate, the winner will forfeit the prize.

5) The prize is not transferable and cannot be converted into money; if the winner declines or is disqualified, it will be offered to the next candidate.


Terms and Conditions

1.All works submitted grant the sponsor, organizer and their affiliated company permission for free public exhibition in the form of, but not limited to: publication, advertisement, prints etc.

*The above right of use only applies to situations related to the Asia Arts Festival. If the creator does not give permission for public exhibition, the work will not be used under any circumstancesirrelevant to the festival.

2. The work must be created by the author themself. All legal responsibility and all losses resulting from any copyright infringement, trademark rights, privacy rights, and publicity rights shall be borne by the author himself.

3.The author agrees that the sponsor of the event has the right of final interpretation of rules and regulations. If one does not meet the requirements, the work will be disqualified.

4.By submitting the works the author agrees to accept the rules. 













   (2)艺术摄影:单张、组图不限,主题鲜明、表现力强,( 6张以内);











1.参赛者可将作品直接投递至征集活动官方邮箱 contest@chinadaily.com.cn



 Just Share It- Explore the Beauty of Asian Arts and Culture




















    6. 本次活动奖励最终解释权归官方所有。





3、 投稿人同意主办方拥有本活动规则的最终解释权。凡投稿的作者,均视为同意并遵守以上各条规定。凡不符合征稿要求的作品一经发现一律取消参评资格。 

4、 投稿人以本细则规定方式投稿,则视为接受以上参赛规则。



2016 the Monkey Year Jiqing Zodiac Design Competition”


Zapraszamy do wzięcia udziału w konkursie promującym chińską kulturę, a w szczególności chiński horoskop.

Termin nadsyłania prac do 30 września 2015r.

Poniżej przedstawiamy zasady konkursu.


The Scheme of “2016 the Monkey Year Jiqing Zodiac Design Competition”


I. Competition Purpose

1. Background

Beijing Municipal Bureau of Cultural and Today Art Museum jointly determined to hold the zodiac design competition annually from 2015 with the purpose of promoting Chinese zodiac culture abroad and enhancing the popularity and participation of “Happy New Year” activities. The competition is authorized by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture, and undertaken by Today Art Museum. The first session of “2015 the Goat Year JiQing Zodiac” have draw the attention of the public. More than 1880 artworks from domestic and overseas competitors were collected by Today Art Museum after two months. The competition committee will select one first prize, three second prizes and five third prizes and awarded the certificate and bonus for the winners after five days of public selection.

On the basis of the success of the last year, the competition invites global artists, designers and citizens to create artworks with the theme of Year of Monkey. The artworks will be collected from   11 June 2015 to 30 September 2015 in order to provide more free time for the designers.


2. Theme

Happy Chinese New Year, Spring Festival on Monkey(金猴闹春)

In the Chinese zodiac, “monkey” has the most intimate relationship with human and being as intelligent, witty, and brave as well as the symbol of wisdom and reiki. Particularly young people are fond of monkeys. There are a wealth of literary quotations about the monkey in Chinese ancient books. However, the image of the “Monkey” in “Journey to the west” left a deep impression to the people. A vivid description of “Spring Festival on Monkey” illustrates the people’s happiness and the best wishes for the New Year.

II. Organizers

Sponsor:Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture

Organizer: Beijing Foreign Cultural Exchange Center, Today Art Museum

Supporters: The Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality

III. Participants

The competition is open to both domestic professional and non-professional design lovers. There will be two divisions: domestic and overseas division. 

IV. Competition Content

Participants should submit the work in the form of graphic design about zodiac Monkey as well as a brief introduction.

In the theme of “Happy Chinese New Year, Spring Festival on Monkey”, the entries should integrate the historic significance of cultural activity of “Happy Chinese New Year”, emphasize its jubilance and blessing, and design meaningful images combined with the participant’s own cultural background.

V. The Organizing Committee

The Organizing Committee is composed of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Cultural and Today Art Museum.

VI. The Selection Committee

The Selection Committee is composed of experts from Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Today Art Museum. There are 7 judges in total.

VII. Procedures

  1. Program launch and publicity

Program Launch: June 11, 2015

Visiting Professional Designers and publicity: June 15th, 2015 -- Sept.1st, 2016

Publicizing department: Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture, Beijing Foreign Cultural Exchange Center, Today Art Museum

  1. 2.     Entries Submission and Deadline

Application time: June 12th, 2015 -- Sept. 12th, 2015

Application: Please email the work and application form to jqsx2016@todayartmuseum.org  

Email Title: Locality+ participant’s name+ work title

The official website:http://www.todayartmuseum.com/ (Download Application)

Tel: Ms.Li +86 01 58760600-102


*Requirements for Entries

1) The entries must be original. Any plagiarism will render the work invalid.

2) The entries must not contain any elements violating laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China and others’ privacy and involving sexual or religious discrimination.

3) The organizer is not responsible for the entries’ copyrights and portraiture rights. Participants should address by themselves to guarantee the organizer’s interest.


Participation of the competition means the participant unconditionally allows the organizer (Beijing Municipal Bureaus of Culture and Today Art Museum) to use the following right for free:

1) The right to use the participant’s portrait and name with the purpose of publicity

2) The right to use the work in exhibiting, broadcasting, televising, photographing, video and Internet publicity, printing and publishing, and news reporting

3) The right to develop derivatives based on the artwork

During the activity, the organizer will protect the participant’s copyright according to law. 

3Works Selection

Selection: Sept. 15th – Sept. 30th, 2015

Awards announcement: Sept.30th, 2015

Way to announce: Please check on the official website of Today Art Museum

Selecting procedure: Joint selection by 7 judges to select 1 first prize, 3 second prizes, and 5 third prizes.

Publicity: Publish the list of winners during the “Joyous Spring Festival” and publicizing the wining works through TV, websites, emails, posts, etc. 

4. Awards

The first prize: 20,000 RMB

The second prize: 10,000RMB

The third prize: 5000RMB

*The prize is supported by Today Art Museum.





Informujemy, iż w dniach 13-24 lipca 2015 biblioteka będzie nieczynna.


Rekrutacja do Studium Języka i Kultury Chin


Wszystkich zainteresowanych zapraszamy do nauki w trzyletnim Studium Języka i Kultury Chin.

Rekrutacja potrwa do 20 września 2015r.

Szczegóły w zakładce:





Godziny pracy sekretariatu


W dniu 2 lipca 2015 i w dniach od 6 do 10 lipca sekretariat będzie nieczynny.


Uniwersytet Wrocławski Xiamen University Hanban Institute


Bądź na bieżąco. Zapisz się, a żadna ważna informacja Cię nie ominie.


dr Stefania Skowron-Markowska

- Klub Azjatycki - spotkanie

dr Stefania Skowron-Markowska

- Zmiana godzin konsultacji 21.04.2015